Beginner Levels - Lesson 4

Where are you from?

Preposition of locaton

Where?=What place

Where are you from?
I'm from --------------
Basic:Iam ,you are
Short:I'm ,you're
Example:Iam from canada
Example:I'm from canada
You are from sudan
you're from sudan

Where is--------from?
she is from -----------

Simple present Tense
The present Tense
We use it for Facts and for routines.
to speake:
I speak english
you speak english
Ali speaks english
the robot speaks english
Do you speak english?
Do=helping verb used in question and negative


Positive:I speake english
Negative:I don't speak english
Short negative:I don;t speak english
Question: Do i speak english

Positive:She speak english
 Negative:She doesnot speak english
Short negative:She doesn't speak english
Question: Does she speak english?


Question: Do i speak english?
+  yes you do
_ no you don't

Dose he speake english?
+ yes he dose
_ no he doesn't

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